Thursday, February 27, 2014

A ModCloth Wedding or Not

So in the spirit of all things wedding I have decided to make a post about my wedding. Weddings are everywhere right now; they are really everywhere all the time but you notice more when it is happening around you, to you and everyone you know. Any who, because I love ModCloth and they have a lovely wedding and vintage section, today I am devoting my blog to how I would/what I would have picked if I did my wedding from ModCloth. Then I will give details as to where and what I really got.
First I will start off with ModCloth:

1) Aisle Be There Dress in Lily: this would be my wedding dress of choice. It has a beautiful vintage feel and it is not pure white.
      2) Take a Chanson Me Dress: my bridesmaid dress; green one of my wedding colors again with the vintage feel
          3) Paving Grace Heel: shoes for the bridesmaids, classic and clean.
4   4) Dainty Dramaturge Heel in Lavender: shoes for me, my other wedding color.
5   5) Retro Rosie Earrings in Violet: gift for bridesmaids. 
I could go on but I am not sure I would do much more from ModCloth for a wedding except a gift.

Now what did I actually pick for all the items listed above?
1)   I got my dress from a bridal shop, The Wedding Day, it is an Essence of Australia dress there will be no picture because if my fiancé reads this he will see and we can’t have that. But it is beautiful and I will most likely be posting pictures of the wedding later.
2)   Chose to go to David’s Bridal for the dress my bridesmaid will don on my big day: Style Satin Wide Strap Tea Length Dress:

3)   I don’t have a specific single shoe for my bridesmaids but I did say flat silver (shiny or mat finish) shoes. We will be on grass for most of the ceremony and I do not need anyone falling.
4)   I will be donning some kind of purple flat for my big day don’t really have them yet still looking for the right style.
5)   Again can’t really post anything about what I will be giving my lovely bridesmaids because if they read this then there goes the surprise, but maybe after the wedding I will post about it.

Well I guess you could say that was a bit anti-climactic. I raveled little about my wedding and what I have chosen.  Okay a little more on it the theme is Retro Style Sleeping Beauty, retro being the 1950’s one of my all-time favorite style periods of time, sleeping beauty being me. I am getting a crown and subtly including sleeping beauty into décor and other things. My colors are purple and green with white thrown in because it is a wedding. There will be four bridesmaids, four grooms men, one flower girl and one ring barer. Hope you all enjoyed this!!! I look forward to posting about my wedding so you can see what everything looks like. Keep watch for this months Everyday Disney the villain line. Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. I can't wait to attend your Retro Style Sleeping Beauty wedding! <3