Monday, December 29, 2014

Everyday this is not Disney its...


Last weekend I wend and saw The Hobbit: The Battle of 5 Armies with my husband and  his family. I have never read The Hobbit nor have I read LotR. However I have seen all three LotR movies and the first two Hobbit movies. My husband is a little more into it than I, but its cool. Anywho I am rambling, so I am an elf fan so I figured why not create and outfit to go see the movie. So I did!!! This is a lose interpretation of Legolas.

 I got the dress at ModCloth and thought it had a cool forest feel to it. Also another reason for the dress is it feels slightly steam punkish. The long sleeve shirt under the dress came from H&M. The tights are heather grey but it is hard to see that. They came from Target.

I did a real simple make-up look, natural blush: Mary Kay in sunny spice, gold eyeshadow: MAC pigment in gold dusk, Clinique lash doubling mascara in black/brown and lipstick: Clinique chubby stick intense in curviest caramel. Didn't want to look to made up because I don't think the elves did the make-up thing.
 I also got to wear my amazing cape!!! It is a deep emerald green, again sorry lighting is bad. It is reversible and the other side is deep royal purple. Had a lot of fun wearing this because I don't wear it often, rethinking that by the way. It came from the Pyramid Collection.
Last we have my boots, another ModCloth purchase (can we sense an addiction?). These are so comfy and I love wearing them because they are so vertical.

Hope you enjoyed this Everyday non-Disney outfit. Had a lot of fun putting it together. I will try to gt another EDD out soon, one resolution is to get better at this!!! Let me know if there is anyone in particular you want to see Disney or not!!! Thanks for reading!!! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

EveryDay Disney more Villains!!!

Hey everyone, today's EveryDay Disney is Smee. I know he is not a villain, villain but he is the side kick to one of  Disney's well known villains. I always enjoyed Smee as a child and he may be one of the reasons why Peter Pan is one of my absolute favorite Disney films.

This was a relitively easy EDD. I had all of the pieces I needed and didn't have to think to much about putting it together.
Got the shirt at Forever 21 about two years ago, shorts, um shorts came from...oh yea, Wet Seal.
Trying to be cute and imitate a pose Smee does. Tried my best to do a wild crazy "big" hair look.

My blue flipie-flopies are Old Navy, I got mine years ago but oddly enough I think they sell the same kind of flip flops every summer. I should check it out. Also please excuse the old toe nail polish that is only on like four of my ten little piggies.

I think I got the headband at Icing, but I don't really remember. I did a simple make-up look just some gold eye shadow (MAC pigment in Gold Dusk) with a new purple liner (Maybelline Eyestudio in eggplant)  and black mascara (Mary Kay waterproof in black). I did use a slightly pinker/brighter blush to get a rosy wind blown look (Covergirl in plumberry glow) and simple lip balm (Beeswax Winter Lip Balm).

Accessories my too cute blue Tinkerbell watch that I have had for years upon years. Sorry Tink does not show up well but you can kind of see her.

Hope you enjoyed this EveryDay Disney and keep an eye out for the next one. Let me know who some of your favorite villains are and if i haven't done them I will be more than happy to try for your favorite villain. Thanks for reading!!! See you next time!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everyday Disney!!!

Hey everyone, so this weeks everyday Disney is not a villan but I have a good reason as to why its not. So, I did Elsa this week on pure accident!!! I was getting ready to go to a Labor Day family gathering and realized after I was dressed and ready hey this could be an Elsa EDD!!! I did my hair before I was dressed and didn't want to do the usual nonworking day pony but needed to pull it up so a side braid it was then decided to wear the new dress I had and then boom looked in the mirror and said hay its Elsa!!!
Elsa is one of my top 5 Disney characters and I am very happy I was able to stumble upon an EDD.

I got the dress on sale at ModCloth, it is a maxi dress so it goes all the way to the floor and more with me, as I am on the shorter side of average.

 Here is a close up of my simple make up going for a natural look but if I wear this to a non family event I would add more eye color. Jewelry, T&Co necklace, earrings top were a gift bottom hand picked at the Pearl Factory and made into earrings.

 Shoes, not the best choice but it is hot and I love these old school style sandals, plus they are very comfortable. I got these at ModCloth and love them so much because they remind me of my childhood and wearing sandals like this!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this spontaneous EDD, and I promise I will continue with the villain line next time. Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Everyday Disney Villains

Hey everyone!!! I am back again with another Everyday Disney. I am continuing with the villain theme, with a villain I can relate to; today's EDD is Lady Tremaine. For those of you who may not be complete Disney crazy she is the evil step-mother form Cinderella.  I like this lady villain, as I said before, because I can relate to her. Why, you ask well I am not a fan of Cinderellas and I can really get into this character so to speak.

Here is a close up of my make , I used grays and purples with gray undertones, and purple lipstick. I also highlighted and shadowed my cheekbones so that my face would look thinner, longer and so my cheekbones would stand out. I just pulled my hair back into a pony tail because I am not quite as old as Lady Tremaine and I feel this was an appropriate look.
 I believe most of the eye make-up came from a blue eye pallet and the lipstick is Kat Von D "oh my goth", blush is a really old cover girl.

Here we have the full look.

The dress came from an aunt, the shoes pay-less (they may have similar styles there still) the earrings Forever 21, and cane from my husband. I hope you all like this one and stay tuned for my next villain. Please let me know if there is anyone in particular you would like to see me do and I will do my best to do it. Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adventures in Cooking

Hey everyone!!! So for the longest time i wanted to try my hand at recreating the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. I saw a box of make your own at Sam's Club recently and figures after reading the box I did not need it for i had or could buy the ingredients. I finally got a block of cheese and some garlic powder at the market and after stalling for a week (turned out to be good because I got sick) I went on my journey recreate the goodness.
Here we have all the ingredients!!! Look at the glorious heaping pile of cheese!!! (i love cheese). I began with the cheese then got the other stuff out.

Sorry, but it is so good.

Here I have mixed the butter and Bisquick together. I used a fork so that it would mush together and so that there would be the little balls of butter left, I was instructed not to mix too much.

Making messes as I get the rest of the ingredients in to mix!!!

All mixed together, said to use hands, so I did, got some under my nails. Aggg, that is the worst felling mushy stuff under the nail!!! But all was well, next step was to get it on to a greased cooking sheet. Used a spoon for that then in the oven they went.

I think I baked them for 15 I don't remember. Any who so this adventure in cooking was not a complete flop but it didn't taste like the Red Lobster ones but they were definitely not bad. I would like to try again and fiddle with it. Also sorry i don't have final result pictures but I was hungry and wanted to try them so I forgot to take pictures but maybe next time. I will report back on the next batch and see if they taste more or less like Red Lobster. Had some fun and will try other things some time. Hope you enjoyed this.

Monday, March 3, 2014

These are a Few of my Favorite Things!!!

Aww, man should have had that song play in the backround of this vlog, oh well. Hey Hey, hope you all enjoy this silly little video of what I really like. Sorry its so long, perhaps its time to have my wonderful cousin Jenny tell me how to edit my videos. So yes enjoy and keep reading/watching for more!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A ModCloth Wedding or Not

So in the spirit of all things wedding I have decided to make a post about my wedding. Weddings are everywhere right now; they are really everywhere all the time but you notice more when it is happening around you, to you and everyone you know. Any who, because I love ModCloth and they have a lovely wedding and vintage section, today I am devoting my blog to how I would/what I would have picked if I did my wedding from ModCloth. Then I will give details as to where and what I really got.
First I will start off with ModCloth:

1) Aisle Be There Dress in Lily: this would be my wedding dress of choice. It has a beautiful vintage feel and it is not pure white.
      2) Take a Chanson Me Dress: my bridesmaid dress; green one of my wedding colors again with the vintage feel
          3) Paving Grace Heel: shoes for the bridesmaids, classic and clean.
4   4) Dainty Dramaturge Heel in Lavender: shoes for me, my other wedding color.
5   5) Retro Rosie Earrings in Violet: gift for bridesmaids. 
I could go on but I am not sure I would do much more from ModCloth for a wedding except a gift.

Now what did I actually pick for all the items listed above?
1)   I got my dress from a bridal shop, The Wedding Day, it is an Essence of Australia dress there will be no picture because if my fiancé reads this he will see and we can’t have that. But it is beautiful and I will most likely be posting pictures of the wedding later.
2)   Chose to go to David’s Bridal for the dress my bridesmaid will don on my big day: Style Satin Wide Strap Tea Length Dress:

3)   I don’t have a specific single shoe for my bridesmaids but I did say flat silver (shiny or mat finish) shoes. We will be on grass for most of the ceremony and I do not need anyone falling.
4)   I will be donning some kind of purple flat for my big day don’t really have them yet still looking for the right style.
5)   Again can’t really post anything about what I will be giving my lovely bridesmaids because if they read this then there goes the surprise, but maybe after the wedding I will post about it.

Well I guess you could say that was a bit anti-climactic. I raveled little about my wedding and what I have chosen.  Okay a little more on it the theme is Retro Style Sleeping Beauty, retro being the 1950’s one of my all-time favorite style periods of time, sleeping beauty being me. I am getting a crown and subtly including sleeping beauty into décor and other things. My colors are purple and green with white thrown in because it is a wedding. There will be four bridesmaids, four grooms men, one flower girl and one ring barer. Hope you all enjoyed this!!! I look forward to posting about my wedding so you can see what everything looks like. Keep watch for this months Everyday Disney the villain line. Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Everyday Disney the Villain line!!!

Happy New Year!!! And I am back once again with Everyday Disney. I guess I am going with a villain theme. This month we have Maleficent from my favorite Disney movie of all time Sleeping beauty. This is the first time I have ever done a Maleficent, never been her for Halloween or anything else. I hope you enjoy!!!

This was a fun outfit to put together, I used an old vintage pin from my grandmother some old forgotten necklace and a fun dress I don't wear often. For my make-up I did a smoky eye with a hint of purple, a purple-ish lip color and highlighted my cheek bones to make them stand out a bit more.

I got the items here:
Dress: hand me down
Tights: JcPenny
Necklace: Windsor
Pin: grandmother
Shoes: Payless

Hope you enjoy, I will be doing another Everyday Disney no latter than February.
Lets see if i keep the villain theme going!!!