Monday, December 29, 2014

Everyday this is not Disney its...


Last weekend I wend and saw The Hobbit: The Battle of 5 Armies with my husband and  his family. I have never read The Hobbit nor have I read LotR. However I have seen all three LotR movies and the first two Hobbit movies. My husband is a little more into it than I, but its cool. Anywho I am rambling, so I am an elf fan so I figured why not create and outfit to go see the movie. So I did!!! This is a lose interpretation of Legolas.

 I got the dress at ModCloth and thought it had a cool forest feel to it. Also another reason for the dress is it feels slightly steam punkish. The long sleeve shirt under the dress came from H&M. The tights are heather grey but it is hard to see that. They came from Target.

I did a real simple make-up look, natural blush: Mary Kay in sunny spice, gold eyeshadow: MAC pigment in gold dusk, Clinique lash doubling mascara in black/brown and lipstick: Clinique chubby stick intense in curviest caramel. Didn't want to look to made up because I don't think the elves did the make-up thing.
 I also got to wear my amazing cape!!! It is a deep emerald green, again sorry lighting is bad. It is reversible and the other side is deep royal purple. Had a lot of fun wearing this because I don't wear it often, rethinking that by the way. It came from the Pyramid Collection.
Last we have my boots, another ModCloth purchase (can we sense an addiction?). These are so comfy and I love wearing them because they are so vertical.

Hope you enjoyed this Everyday non-Disney outfit. Had a lot of fun putting it together. I will try to gt another EDD out soon, one resolution is to get better at this!!! Let me know if there is anyone in particular you want to see Disney or not!!! Thanks for reading!!! 

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