Monday, September 15, 2014

EveryDay Disney more Villains!!!

Hey everyone, today's EveryDay Disney is Smee. I know he is not a villain, villain but he is the side kick to one of  Disney's well known villains. I always enjoyed Smee as a child and he may be one of the reasons why Peter Pan is one of my absolute favorite Disney films.

This was a relitively easy EDD. I had all of the pieces I needed and didn't have to think to much about putting it together.
Got the shirt at Forever 21 about two years ago, shorts, um shorts came from...oh yea, Wet Seal.
Trying to be cute and imitate a pose Smee does. Tried my best to do a wild crazy "big" hair look.

My blue flipie-flopies are Old Navy, I got mine years ago but oddly enough I think they sell the same kind of flip flops every summer. I should check it out. Also please excuse the old toe nail polish that is only on like four of my ten little piggies.

I think I got the headband at Icing, but I don't really remember. I did a simple make-up look just some gold eye shadow (MAC pigment in Gold Dusk) with a new purple liner (Maybelline Eyestudio in eggplant)  and black mascara (Mary Kay waterproof in black). I did use a slightly pinker/brighter blush to get a rosy wind blown look (Covergirl in plumberry glow) and simple lip balm (Beeswax Winter Lip Balm).

Accessories my too cute blue Tinkerbell watch that I have had for years upon years. Sorry Tink does not show up well but you can kind of see her.

Hope you enjoyed this EveryDay Disney and keep an eye out for the next one. Let me know who some of your favorite villains are and if i haven't done them I will be more than happy to try for your favorite villain. Thanks for reading!!! See you next time!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everyday Disney!!!

Hey everyone, so this weeks everyday Disney is not a villan but I have a good reason as to why its not. So, I did Elsa this week on pure accident!!! I was getting ready to go to a Labor Day family gathering and realized after I was dressed and ready hey this could be an Elsa EDD!!! I did my hair before I was dressed and didn't want to do the usual nonworking day pony but needed to pull it up so a side braid it was then decided to wear the new dress I had and then boom looked in the mirror and said hay its Elsa!!!
Elsa is one of my top 5 Disney characters and I am very happy I was able to stumble upon an EDD.

I got the dress on sale at ModCloth, it is a maxi dress so it goes all the way to the floor and more with me, as I am on the shorter side of average.

 Here is a close up of my simple make up going for a natural look but if I wear this to a non family event I would add more eye color. Jewelry, T&Co necklace, earrings top were a gift bottom hand picked at the Pearl Factory and made into earrings.

 Shoes, not the best choice but it is hot and I love these old school style sandals, plus they are very comfortable. I got these at ModCloth and love them so much because they remind me of my childhood and wearing sandals like this!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this spontaneous EDD, and I promise I will continue with the villain line next time. Thanks for reading!!!