Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Everyday Disney Villains

Hey everyone!!! I am back again with another Everyday Disney. I am continuing with the villain theme, with a villain I can relate to; today's EDD is Lady Tremaine. For those of you who may not be complete Disney crazy she is the evil step-mother form Cinderella.  I like this lady villain, as I said before, because I can relate to her. Why, you ask well I am not a fan of Cinderellas and I can really get into this character so to speak.

Here is a close up of my make , I used grays and purples with gray undertones, and purple lipstick. I also highlighted and shadowed my cheekbones so that my face would look thinner, longer and so my cheekbones would stand out. I just pulled my hair back into a pony tail because I am not quite as old as Lady Tremaine and I feel this was an appropriate look.
 I believe most of the eye make-up came from a blue eye pallet and the lipstick is Kat Von D "oh my goth", blush is a really old cover girl.

Here we have the full look.

The dress came from an aunt, the shoes pay-less (they may have similar styles there still) the earrings Forever 21, and cane from my husband. I hope you all like this one and stay tuned for my next villain. Please let me know if there is anyone in particular you would like to see me do and I will do my best to do it. Thanks for reading!!!

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