Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adventures in Cooking

Hey everyone!!! So for the longest time i wanted to try my hand at recreating the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. I saw a box of make your own at Sam's Club recently and figures after reading the box I did not need it for i had or could buy the ingredients. I finally got a block of cheese and some garlic powder at the market and after stalling for a week (turned out to be good because I got sick) I went on my journey recreate the goodness.
Here we have all the ingredients!!! Look at the glorious heaping pile of cheese!!! (i love cheese). I began with the cheese then got the other stuff out.

Sorry, but it is so good.

Here I have mixed the butter and Bisquick together. I used a fork so that it would mush together and so that there would be the little balls of butter left, I was instructed not to mix too much.

Making messes as I get the rest of the ingredients in to mix!!!

All mixed together, said to use hands, so I did, got some under my nails. Aggg, that is the worst felling mushy stuff under the nail!!! But all was well, next step was to get it on to a greased cooking sheet. Used a spoon for that then in the oven they went.

I think I baked them for 15 I don't remember. Any who so this adventure in cooking was not a complete flop but it didn't taste like the Red Lobster ones but they were definitely not bad. I would like to try again and fiddle with it. Also sorry i don't have final result pictures but I was hungry and wanted to try them so I forgot to take pictures but maybe next time. I will report back on the next batch and see if they taste more or less like Red Lobster. Had some fun and will try other things some time. Hope you enjoyed this.

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