Monday, April 16, 2012

My 5k Chalange day 29-36

So as i ran my 2.5 miles i was thinking "i don't think i have ever run more than one mile ever in my life". I still cant believe i ran 2.5 miles. I am very proud of myself still for keeping up; i get up and go out and run. The final project...or run will be very exciting. I have  bought an all white outfit so that i will be extra colorful at the end. I have read all the rules and how to preserve my clothing. I only have three more days of running before the actual run. I will take lots of pictures so everyone can see how colorful i get. Other than all that there is not much else to say; i did however skip my Friday April 13th (day 34) and ran the next day instead. Well, i guess there is not too much to say about running other than i am keeping up and it has gotten easier. So all is well. Wish me luck, less thank one week to go.

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