Friday, April 6, 2012

My 5k Challenge day 16-28

Well, since March 26th (day 19) i have been running on a schedule that my boyfriend made me. It has been a challenge keeping up with what i am supposed to be running but i have managed. I ran my first mile on day 23 and was surprised to find that i ran it in about 9 minutes. The day before i ran half a mile in 6 minutes and figured it would take me 12 minutes but somehow i ran faster than i thought i did... I managed to repeat that and ran my second mile on day 27 in about the same amount of time. Some of the time my runs seem to get easier and other times it seems they are so hard and i am starting all over again. I am a little uneasy about Sunday April 15th because that is my 2.5 mile day and i am not sure how well that will go lets hope i can do well with my 1.5 mile run this Sunday. Wish me luck because my family seems to think it is quite funny that i am running especially my brother...
Wish me luck and pray that i can do this!!!

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