Saturday, October 6, 2012

Everyday Disney with Wendy...again!!!


Hey everyone sorry it has taken me so long to get my third look out; I took a trip to Washington State and got a little side tracked after that…really side tracked. Any who for my third look I will be doing a second Wendy from Peter Pan.  I had two ideas so I decided to do two posts instead of one post with two looks.  This one is a little more casual an everyday look as to the other one that was a little more dressy.  Like I said before I have had my clothing a very long time so don’t go looking for that exact piece of clothing but something similar. Sorry I don't have a picture of me in the outfit but I just didn't have the time to put it on. Hope you all enjoy this look.
Shirt: Charlotte Russ
Skirt: Goodwill/thrift
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Icing
Ribbon: Joann’s
My make-up for this look is a simple natural look.  All I used was the basics of make-up no fancy colors or anything like that.
Foundation: Clinique in Breeze
Powder: Bare Minerals in illuminating mineral veil
Blush: Mary Kay in Sunny Spice
Eyebrow pencil: Mary Kay in Blond
Mascara: Clinique lash doubling mascara in black/brown
Lipgloss: Sugar in Rose

I am hoping to get my next post up by next Friday so keep an eye out and I hope everyone likes!!!

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  1. You should add a photo to this with you wearing it! Photos of people are the best!