Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cookie Baking!!!

So I love to bake and decided to make two batches of cookies today. The first batch of cookies I make was Snicker Doodle. I have make this recipe before and they turned out really well the first time; this time I think they turned out just as well. They were a little crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Here I have some pictures of what i did...

My next batch of cookies were Caramel Nut Drops. I have never made these before and don't really know if i will like them but i do like Snickers bars and the rest is simple cookie dough. I really hope they turned out well. I did a video on this one and that is posted above ^.

I love to try new baking recipes and if anyone out there would like to send me a desert type recipe for me to try i would love to attempt it. I don't cook food just bake deserts so if you have a cookie, brownie, cake or anything else that you don't want to try or a afraid to try then pleas send it to me, you can leave a comment with a recipe in it or e-mail me at
Thank you all for watching a reading!!!

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