Thursday, March 1, 2012

My 5K Challenge

Ok, for all of you out there who don't know me i hate running, never do it, will protest anyone who asks me to. My boyfriend is running the LA marathon for the second time this i am sure you can see where this is going...he wants me to start running. At first i laughed at him told him hell no i am not running. But my boyfriend is a persistent guy; he talked about the Disney half marathon and other small things but i refused said no!!! Just like that with lots of exclamation points. But then my boyfriend posts on my facebook this... ^ (check out the video above)
and for some reason i get excited, and i want to participate in it; so i look it up and this year it just happens to be in Irvine not to far from where i live. I tell my boyfriend lets do it. We get a team together and sign up. But now i have the idea to actually run the whole 5k. So i am starting my running training today; up until my boyfriend is done with his marathon i will be running alone. I have decided to blog my progress see how well i do and hope that everyone out there will help me and root me on. I can use all the support i can get. Wish me luck because here i go...eep!!!


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  2. That's such a cool video! It almost tempts me to run, HA! Good luck!